4-year Degrees

Plant biology is the study of plants at the population, organismal, cellular, and molecular level; and the investigation of the uses of plants for food, fiber, recreational, and ornamental purposes. Offerings in marine and freshwater plant biology also are provided and are facilitated by the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory and two marine laboratories where the plant biology faculty maintains an active involvement in teaching and research.

Plant Biology B.S.

The Plant Biology B.S. degree program is for students intending to seek employment in agricultural, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries; to work in governmental agencies, environmental groups, and consulting firms; to teach secondary education; or to undertake graduate studies in preparation for advanced research and teaching positions. Students interested in university teaching and/or research, and governmental and industrial research, should plan to complete an advanced degree in the field.

Plant Biology B.A.

The Plant Biology B.A. degree program provides a broad background in the liberal arts and plant biology. Students may enter this program as freshmen or transfer into it from other liberal arts or science programs. This program is of particular interest to students who intend to utilize their plant biology training in public relations, teaching, or other related careers in combination with a liberal arts background. The program allows students to obtain minors in other fields such as English, history and philosophy of science, international affairs, education, art, etc., to create an interdisciplinary program, or to pursue a double major.